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Medical Director of Substance Use Disorder Services

West Oakland Health Council
Physician assistants, nurse practitioners. Supervise dispensing nurses and mid-level providers (e.g. Possession of DATA (Drug Addiction Treatment Act) 200...

Licensed or License Eligible Clinician New Justice-Involved Crisis Res. Ctr

Telecare Corporation
San Jose
Certified or Registered Addiction Specialist, e.g., Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADAC), or Registered Addiction Specialist(RAS), or Certified...

Substance Abuse Counselor

Magnolia Women's Recovery Program, Inc.
Evaluate clients’ mental and physical health, addiction or problem behavior, and openness to treatment. Teach clients about addiction or behavior disorders and...

Nurse Practitioner-Psychiatrics

Network Medical Staffing
Los Angeles
Nurse Practitioner-Addiction/Detox Treatment/Residential Program. Has knowledge of addictions and 12 step programs....

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